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About Renmic Creations

Renmic Creations is a collaborative effort between Rene and Michael Oelofse. Rene is responsible for the business aspect of Renmic Creations and is a successful Business and Life Coach. Michael is the creative, the one responsible for spectacular works of art.

Portraits available on request. Rates vary according to size and medium. Contact us +27 82 493 4768 or

About the Artist: Michael Oelofse

Michael is a visionary artist, specialising in watercolour and acrylic art. His love for art started when he was working in an architectural industry, 40 years ago. He was exposed to the art of architecture. He started working on 3 dimensional perspectives and urban sketching which is his favourite art form.

He is now painting portraits, which he integrates into an abstract painting. He did 2 year art classes at an Art Studio in Cape Town. He is also inspired by the World famous water artists, Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvic.


Watercolour paintings are used in a unique way to represent dreams, illusions, emotions, and bright feelings with water-soluble colours


Acrylics dry really fast and serve as a catalyst for any kind of pigment. Acrylics are able to give both the transparent intensity of watercolour and the substance of oil paint


Contemporary art more often than not is about ideas and concerns, rather than just being about the aesthetic. Artists are always expirementing with new ideas and materials to come up with new aesthetics.


Portrait paintings are not simply about documentation but rather about the artist's interpretation of a subject. Portraits can be lifelike, conceptual, or representational.

architectural rendering

The art of rendering three-dimensional images or animations showing the intricate features of a suggested architectural design.

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A4 painting R850 A3 painting R1200
Portraits painted on request. Price differs according to size and medium.





Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering





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Portraits painted on request. Price differs according to size and medium.

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